Entrepreneur Self-Test

The Entrepreneur Self-Test was developed by the Chamber of Commerce to be used as a resource. This is not comprehensive or exact evaluation but can provide you with an overall view of your entrepreneurial potential. This test assesses your character qualities, problem-solving methods, motivations, relational skills, business knowledge and support system known to be critical in successful entrepreneurship. Please answer the questions objectively to generate a realistic and useful interpretation.

1. Would others describe you as persistent?
2. Do you stay on task?
3. Do you remain optimistic even in unpleasant situations?
4. Are you self motivated?
5. Are you innovative in finding solutions to problems and challenges?
6. Do you mind working hard if that is what it takes to complete the task?
7. Are you willing to make sacrifices to possibly gain lasting rewards?
8. Are you willing to work long, demanding hours?
9. Do you enjoy competition?
10. Do you have an innovative idea that you see a significant need for?
11. Can you make up your mind in a hurry if necessary?
12. Are you willing to take chances?
13. Are you adaptable to change?
14. Do you recover from set backs by taking a different approach and trying again?
15. Do you relate well to people on different levels?
16. Do you get along well with others?
17. Can you lead and inspire others?
18. Do you take full responsibility for consequences?
19. Have you ever worked as a manager or supervisor?
20. Would your family and friends be supportive of your new venture?
21. Do you regularly network with others to gain information and guidance?
22. Do you have the emotional strength to withstand the stress?
23. Do you have sound financial knowledge of how a business operates?
24. Do you understand the basics of the balance sheet and income statement?
25. Can you effectively keep accurate notes and records?

If you have been able to answer “yes” to 18 of the above questions then you have the potential to successfully start your own business.

If you answered less than 18 questions “yes” then look for supplemental help in the areas you answered “no” to by improving your own skills, hiring help or finding a business partner that is skilled in that area.

It takes a variety of different skills to successfully run a business, so look at each question to which you answered “no” as an opportunity for improvement.

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